5 Natural Alternatives to Sugar

The American diet is largely flooded with refined white sugar and high fructose corn syrup — an excessive intake of which can lead to weight problems and eventually to conditions like diabetes –or artificial sweeteners containing aspartame that has been linked to the growth of brain tumors. With such poor options to choose from, it is good to know that natural and healthy alternatives exist to satisfy the sweet tooth. While this is not a “green light” to consume a limitless amount of these sweeteners, they are certainly healthier dietary choices to make.


1. Maple Syrup
Maple syrup comes from the boiled-down sap of the maple tree. A recent study in the Journal of Agriculture and Food found that it is rich in a number of anti-oxidants, some of which are unique to maple syrup itself. Particularly healthy is the darker Grade B syrup, which is high in these antioxidants and also calcium-rich. Be warned, though, that this nutritional information refers to real maple syrup and not the imitation syrups that often contain no real maple products at all and are largely based on high fructose corn syrup.

Continue Reading: http://blogs.naturalnews.com/5-natural-alternatives-sugar/


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