Herbal Remedies for Common Ailments

Herbs have been used by specialists throughout history in treating numerous health conditions. Today, they are still a relevant source for treatment in many countries. In fact, there are some common pharmaceutical drugs we use regularly which are derived from plants. Being able to use natural herbs instead of over-the-counter medicines can be healthy and affordable.

Below are some of the common herbal remedies and the health conditions they help cure:



Rosemary is derived from the Latin word ros and marinus which means dew of the sea. This herb can be identified by its leaves, which have a needle like appearance as well as purple, white or pink flowers surrounding it. Rosemary has a bitter and astringent flavour when used as an ingredient.

Medical uses of rosemary

Rosemary is known to stimulate the body in producing Nerve Growth Factor. This works as an antidepressant effect where your mood, wellbeing and energy improves Migraines caused by nervous tensions can also be treated with rosemary.

Coriander leaves


Coriander is native to South West Asia, North Africa and Southern Europe region. Its leaves have different shapes as it grows from thin stems. The leaves have a strong flavour which is used as a spice in certain countries. The dried fruit has a different taste to the leaves, though it is also added in Indian cuisines as a spice.

Medical uses of coriander

The seeds and leaves of the coriander provide antioxidant properties. This substance can prevent cancer in the human body by removing free radicals. The leaves of a coriander plant is rich in this antioxidant substance. The leaves also contain certain chemicals with antibacterial properties which can help against salmonella enterica bacteria.

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