How to Incorporate Flax Seeds into your Diet

Has everybody been telling you to eat flax seeds lately? They may be on to something. Flax seeds have been making a comeback as nutritionists, chefs, and wellness experts are recognizing the powerful health impact this little seed can have. Low in carbohydrates and sugars, flax seeds are loaded with heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber (both soluble and insoluble), and somewhere between 70 and 800 cancer-combating lignans.


You can buy whole flax seeds. They’re fun to use while baking bread at home. But unless the seeds get “broken down” while you chew your food, they can “pass right through you” and you won’t receive any of their nutritional value. Your best bet? Pick up some ground flax seeds,also known as flax seed meal, which are available from a number of companies, including Bob’s Red MillSpectrum, and even GNC. Since the flax seeds have already been ground up, all of their nutrition is available for your body to absorb. Just make sure to follow the storage suggestions on the package to preserve the meal’s flavor and nutrients.

Here are some delicious ideas for incorporating this nutty little seed into your diet.

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