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This summer I’ve fallen in love with canning.  Each step I take away from the grocery store and processed foods leads me in to a new territory.  Before this summer, I was petrified of canning.  I (and the media) had built it up in my head that canning was somehow dangerous.  But, with a little time spent reading up and a little extra precautions with cleanliness, I have a few shelves stocked for winter.  Canning shouldn’t be scary!

Below I’ve outlined everything I’ve canned and towards the end of the post I give you links to resources and a few tools of the trade.  I have to warn you though, once you start, I’m not so sure you can stop!


The Fruit: Large Cucumbers (Purchased 14 of these bad boys at the farmers’ market for a $1 each.)

The Recipe: Bread and Butter Pickles (a fav!)

What I use them on: My mother and I both love pickle and cheese sandwiches!  However I’ve also been know to eat these straight from the jar.  Plus, the leftover juice makes a great addition to egg salad and deviled eggs!

Other great cucumber recipes (plus one more below!): Jalapeño Bread and Butter Pickles, Dill Pickles, Deli Dill Pickles

*A quick note about sugar.  I don’t really keep sugar in my house, my go-to’s are honey and maple syrup.  However, when it comes to canning, there are some recipes that just can’t do without it.  Sugar is part of the reason some of the recipes stabilize so well.  Since I don’t usually use a lot of sugar in my house, I make an exception for canning and purchase organic cane sugar from the bulk bin.

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