Damage Control: 4 Detoxifying Foods to Eat Daily

SICK OF BEING SICK? We get it. The good news is that the more effective you become at mastering the art of prevention, the more you are able to reduce discomfort, disease, and illness. While you might be accustomed to addressing something only once it’s become an issue, we’re here to help you change that habit and take back control of your health. One health-conscious shift you can make now? The integration of daily cleansing. Daily cleansing gives you the opportunity to deal with the toxic environment in which we live, and take little steps each day to prevent a big health hazard from creeping up on you later. Ready to get started?

THE DAMAGE: Whether it’s the BPA plastic water bottle that you drink out of daily, your favorite formaldehyde-laden nail polish, the mercury-rich tuna sashimi go-to lunch, or the can’t-live-without merlot full of pesticides, our exposure to toxins is ubiquitous and, unfortunately, not going anywhere any time soon (we can dream, though!). With that comes a slew of risks on the rise, from cancer, infertility, allergies, and chronic disease to the ever-frustrating, seemingly random aches and pains. Toxins of all kinds, whether chemical or heavy metal, are foreign to the body, and are reaching levels that are becoming increasingly damaging to the body. They have the ability to cause destruction to almost all of our body’s systems and functions, all the while impairing and destroying our very life foundation and blueprint: our cells’ DNA. Ensuring the proper entrapment and elimination of these toxins is imperative – our lives literally depend on it.

THE SOLUTION: Luckily, we can nip toxins in the bud with natural cleansing agents. These agents are organic compounds found in plants, earth materials, and organisms that have the capability of binding to toxins for excretion. Just as we have created and synthesized chemicals that cause destruction, Mother Nature has created agents to neutralize them, remedy the damage, and help support the body’s innate ability to detoxify and heal. While many cleansing agents are useful, some agents are more effective at targeting specific toxins than others. Choose a few from the list below and add them into your daily health regime, especially while juice cleansing, to further promoting clearance and elimination of toxins!

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