10 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Immune System

1) Consume probiotics / fermented beverages – It is now well known that our intestinal bacteria, or ‘flora,’ is well tied to our immunity. Probiotics, like lactobacillus,  help ward off microbes that are out of balance and tremendously help with digestion / elimination of toxins. Fermented beverages like kombucha are an excellent option.Apple cider vinegar (bragg brand) has been used as a cure-all for immunity for thousands of years.

2) Adaptogenic Herbs & Dark Leafy Greens – Adaptogenic herbs tonify and re-balance the body’s systems to deliver wellness and health. Reishi – Reishi is the world’s most researched natural healer and is a supreme immunity tool you should research and try out for yourself. Reishi has been used to foster immunity for thousands of years. Astragalus Root – Astragalus root has been used for thousands of years to build, support, & modulate the immune system. Terra firma is a high-class organic herb provider and has a wonderful immune system formula for building immunity which contains both reishi and astragalus root. Dark leafy greens are rich in chlorophyll, phytonutrients, fiber, & minerals to support the immune system. Raw (uncooked) organic garlic cloves are also powerful at eliminating toxins, supporting the liver, and preventing infections from getting out of hand.


3) Avoid fake / processed foods and beverages –  The idea here is that immunity is compromised when the body is exposed to foreign toxins. Since fast food, grocery store boxed food, and gas station offerings are predominately man-made chemicals, these all are contributors to toxicity / illness.

Continue Reading: http://earthfoods.info/10-ways-boost-immune-system/


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