Is Blooming Tea a Healthy Drink or Just a Gimmick?

There are a lot of websites, blogs, articles and various pieces of information about how beneficial tea is to our health.  And most of these sources talk about white tea, loose green tea, jasmine green tea and all sorts of other teas, some exotic, some very ordinary, some organic.  But very, very few talk about blooming tea, or flowering tea as it is sometimes called, and the health benefits in drinking this type of tea.


The reason could be that the sheer gimmick of watching blooming tea blossom in hot water takes away from the actual drinking of tea, let alone consideration of its benefits.

The thing is that blooming tea (or flowering tea if you like) is made up of tea.  Yes, that could be a big surprise from something that is so clearly manufactured!  But these tea balls are made up of white tea, black tea, loose green tea, chrysanthemum leaves, jasmine green tea, flowers tea and many different types of tea that look good when soaked in water.


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*Healthy Sauce would recommend that you buy from an organic supplier.


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  1. its enjoyable for sure:))) im addicted to green tea


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