Somatics: A Different Approach to Fitness and Health

I want to talk a little bit about Somatics. Soma-what? Somatics. I know most people have never heard the word. And that’s why I’m here today. In a nutshell, Somatics is about the “lived experience.” A method for taking our health and wellness into our own hands by honoring what we feel from the inside out.

When I was first introduced the term “Somatics,” I only had a vague understanding of the meaning behind the word.  I’m sure the first place I heard it was during my undergraduate experience where I was required to take a class called (wait for it) Somatics. (Go figure).  But even then, my main perception of the class was tied directly to what we did in the class.  I knew that one of the objectives of the class was to make me a better dancer/mover, and that we would spend a great deal of time going “back to basics” to reconnect to our body.  It was definitely one of my favorite classes, but I still don’t think I fully understood the meaning of Somatics.

From that point on, I spent a great deal of time and effort learning about various methods within the field of Somatics. It’s a powerful thing. Using a Somatics approach to fitness and health can change your life.




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