How To Create A Scented Garden

A garden without perfume is like a garden without soul. Read our 12 essential tips for creating a space that’s as beautiful as it is fragrant. Here’s how to create a scented garden;-


1. H is for herbs

Herbs are the stars of the scented garden. Essentials include rosemary (sow from a pot grown plant in May and pick it ferociously), basil (plant out in June and pinch out tips to keep it bushy), mint (best planted in a sunken container to prevent invading your garden) and parsley (Italian flat leaf is the easiest to grow). Marjoram is also a good herb for the beginner.

2. Lavender Blue

No scented English garden is complete without bushes of fragrant lavender. Remember it’s a Mediterranean herb so its roots won’t take kindly to sitting in wet soil. Best advice is to add a layer of grit when planting and remember to prune hard.

3. Give peas a chance

Sweet peas are an essential element of the fragrant cottage garden. Sow out in March with a sturdy structure to climb and they’ll reward you with a beautiful scented display throughout summer. Regularly pinch off side shoots and tendrils to encourage upward growth.

4. Warm front

Use warm south or west-facing walls and fences to best advantage by placing scented plants nearby. The warmth will waft aromas from the flowers and leaves: perfect while you sip your glass of sundowner rosé.

5. Flora and fauna

Monarda is a great choice for a sunny border. Not only does it smell divine (think lemony and aromatic) but it will also attract butterflies. Another butterfly favourite is honey-scented buddleia. Bear in mind that if butterflies are attracted to a plant, bees will be too, so don’t plant right next to a seating area, particularly if you have children.


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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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