Does Acupuncture Work?

Let me ask you a question….

Are you fed up of visiting the doctor and being prescribed a new drug for each problem?

Are you tired of relying on pills that’s let’s face it, can give you more health issues then they solve?

It’s understandable. Sometimes it feels that the toxins you’re ingesting may have consequences in later life.

And there must be a better way right?

For thousands of years, mankind relied solely on natural medicine to treat their health issues.


However, the growth of pharmaceutical companies wielding huge power has coincided with the medical sector’s increasing reliance on synthetic substances, whose efficacy can sometimes come under scrutiny.

Traditional Chinese Medicine presents a potentially viable alternative for those who want to treat their body naturally.

Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years, with a huge supply of empirical evidence supporting its application.

Supporting scientific evidence remains polarised.

Which begs the question: Does acupuncture work, and should you try it?

The origin of acupuncture


If you’ve read this far it probably means you’ve probably already tried acupuncture or are at least considering it.

But before you’re transformed into a human pincushion, it’s wise to know exactly what acupuncture is and where it comes from.

Taking its root in ancient China, acupuncture has been used to remedy health issues for millennia and to this day it’s widely used in Chinese healthcare.

It’s first reported use is in 1600BC after soldiers were believed cured of chronic illnesses when wounded in battle by arrows.

Since it’s propagation into Western Medicine in the late 20th century many claims have been made about acupuncture’s ability to cure various disorders.

It’s subsequently garnered a cult following of fanatical patients, convinced of its effectiveness.

But does acupuncture work?

And if so, how then does it work?

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