10 Easy Ways to Remove Toxins From Your Life

You may be doing everything you can to live a healthy and fulfilling life – getting plenty of exercise, practicing yoga, eating well – but if you’re still feeling a bit run down, you may want to think about ways to remove toxins from your life! Toxins seem to pervade every aspect of our lives – from the cookware we use, to the products we clean with, to the foods we eat. Toxins seem to be unavoidable.

Our bodies were not designed to deal with these disruptors, and their effects manifest in several disturbing ways. Toxins have been linked to everything from thyroid issues, to fertility problems, to allergies and respiratory diseases. Most autoimmune diseases, and even diabetes and heart disease, have been linked partly to toxins.

If you want to improve your health and the health of the environment at the same time, follow these 10 tips to remove toxins from your life now.

Drink Filtered Water

We all know that drinking water is good for our bodies, but not just any kind will do. Make sure you install a filter on your tap to remove pollutants and chemicals from your drinking water. And be sure to drink lots of it – water is essential to flushing toxins from your body.

Be a Natural Beauty


Be aware of the types of beauty products that you use. Your skin can absorb toxins from the shampoos, moisturizers and makeup that you use. Switch to all-natural cosmetic brands and avoid lipsticks with lead. You will look and feel beautiful.

Avoid Teflon


You may love that nonstick coating on your Teflon cookware, but the chemicals used to make it can leach into your food and body and can be very hard to eliminate. Try ceramic cookware or good old-fashioned cast iron instead.

Eat Organic


If you aren’t already, try to eat organic foods whenever possible. This way you can avoid pesticides and herbicides that were sprayed onto your produce. Organic or not, always thoroughly wash all produce before eating it.

Use Healthy Cooking Oils

The oils that you cook with have various smoking points, which means the temperature at which these oils oxidize and then become toxic. Limit yourself to oils that have a low smoking point, such as coconut oil, to keep your foods healthier.

Read more at: http://livelovefruit.com/2014/10/10-easy-ways-to-remove-toxins-from-your-life/


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