21 Garden Hacks That’ll Turn Any Thumb Green

Use these garden tips for a perfect and healthy garden this spring. Your friends will be begging to hear your secrets!

1. DIY Strawberry Planter

Using a wooden pallet, hand saw, and nails, you can create a great contained strawberry planter. Simply cut the pallet to any size and nail into a box! You’ll have an abundance of strawberries growing through every open hole.

The great thing about strawberries is that they’ll come back every year with minimal effort.

2. Vertical Tube Planter

You can also use a vertical tube to grow strawberries by cutting round holes throughout the tube, allowing space for the strawberries to grow outward.

This is a great way to grow strawberries in the city as it takes up little space.

Vertical Planter

3. Rubbermaid Container Gardens

Fill a Rubbermaid container with soil to make a cute porch garden and save space. Hint: Use hack #14 to keep the container light and moveable.

4. Cute Bike Rim Trellis

This is a great idea for urban gardens! Place a steel rod in the middle of two recycled bike rims. Tie lines of garden twine from one tire to the other, at least 2 inches apart. Place vertically in your garden and watch as your growing vines prosper on this sturdy trellis.

Bike Trellis

5. Epsom Salt is Healthy

Not only for your skin, but also for your garden. It’s rich in magnesium and sulfate, two minerals plants need to stay healthy and thriving.

6. Propagate Roses with Potatoes

The best way to have your rose cuttings survive is by using potatoes. Simply place the cutting into a potato before burying it in the ground and the extra moisture from the vegetable will help cultivate a beautiful rose plant.

Continue Reading here: http://www.healthy-holistic-living.com/21-garden-hacks-tips.html


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